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Star Air Condition company in Dubai, offering range of Chiller AC Service, such as, Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

Being a leader in Central AC maintenance solutions in Dubai, Guaranteeing the Optimal Performance of Chillers

We Maintain All Kinds of Industrial Chillers
Solution Emphasizes and Upkeep fixing of Centrifugal Chillers
Maintenance and repair work of Screw Chillers
Repair service of Reciprocating Chillers

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AC chiller is an Air Condition machine that reduce heat from a liquid (water) by a chemical process called vapor-compression and absorption refrigeration cycle. This chilled water (liquid) can then be transferred through a heat exchange to the cooling equipment (indoor machine). There is another process called stream (such as air or chilled process water). This is a necessary by process, refrigeration creates heat that must be wasted to ambiance, for better cooling, recovered for heating.

Chilled water (liquid) is used to cool and dehumidify for commercial air conditioning, and institutional facilities. Chillers are water-cooler, using a process called water cooled systems to provide great cooling and advantages over central AC systems

Star Air Conditioning Provide Chiller AC Service in Dubai

Chiller Maintenance Service in Dubai

Star Air Conditioning a leader in the industry for providing Central AC maintenance services in Dubai. Including, Industrial and commercial chiller maintenance Dubai. We have specialized skills of experienced AC technicians team, holding a professional certificates of technical services by all the key chiller contractors in Dubai, we have been able to leading company to bring the qualitative chilled water AC maintenance and repairing service to commercial and industry customers belonging of various industries.

Confirming the Optimal Performance of Water Chillers

Star Air Conditioning is readily involved for providing the clients with an optimum quality, prompt and effective chiller maintenance service. Widely delivered to the clients within their limits, our chiller AC service in Dubai are reduced by highly expert and skilled chiller maintenance team. The holder friendly prices and capability to meet the clients’ constraint has set us separately in chiller maintenance and repair business in Dubai.

We Maintain Any Kinds of Industrial Chiller AC Service Dubai

We have achieved a creditable repute in maintaining and repairing any kinds of industrialized chillers in Dubai. Our facilities are available for chillers regardless of the brand, nature or size. In addition, our chiller AC Service and maintenance discussion provides excellent reference as well as quality chiller review services.

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